Valic one-on-one consultations April 18

Friday, April 18, Valic representative Art Nangle will be in S-329 from 11 a.m. – 1:45 p.m. for one-on-one consultations.  You are welcome to schedule a time, whether you are currently a client or not. During a one-on-one consultation you can discuss the following questions:

  • How much do you need to retire comfortably?
  • How much should you anticipate from Social Security?
  • How much should you anticipate from the Florida Retirement System and which option is right for you?
  • Are you saving enough to retire comfortably?
  • Any other financial goals you have in mind (Budgeting, Saving for College, Buying a House, etc).
  • Differences in savings vehicles such as the 403(b), the 457(b), Roth IRA, etc.

To pick a specific time to sit down and talk, please click this link to block off a time on the representative’s calendar. Please use the registration code: 7140GAI11AB.  If you have any questions or issues, please feel free to contact Art Nangle at 352-275-9939 or by e-mail at