Develop and deliver course modules for the IFAS Florida Master Naturalist Program



Adjunct History Professor Tom Berson is looking for faculty interested in developing and delivering course modules for the IFAS – Florida Master Naturalist Program which will be offering a new course based out of Santa Fe College in the fall.  Tom was certified this year as a lead instructor for the program in Alachua County and hopes to draw upon the expertise of his colleagues and larger community to create a collaborative program that maximizes the experience for students and showcases the faculty, facilities and resources of SF.

The adult education program is aimed at promoting awareness, understanding and respect of Florida’s natural world among Florida’s citizens and visitors. It is divided into three core modules based on distinct Florida eco-systems: Coastal, Freshwater, and Upland Habitats. A comprehensive array of course material is provided by IFAS, but instructors are also given wide latitude to customize the curricula for their respective audiences. The modules generally require about 40 contact hours, usually over six full-day classes, including field trips, videos and oral instruction. In addition, shorter “special topics” modules are available in the areas of Environmental InterpretationConservation ScienceWildlife Monitoring, and Habitat Evaluation. As modules are scheduled and developed, it is hoped that participating faculty will contribute several hours of preparatory time and at least one to two hours of classroom/field trip time during the actual delivery of the course.

Please contact Tom Berson if you are interested in collaborating on this new program.