Adopt-a-family Holiday Assistance from the Career Service Council

Adopt-a-family Holiday Assistance from the Career Service Council

The Career Service Council (CSC) General Fund is used to lend a helping hand to Career Service employee(s). In the spirit of the up and coming holiday season, CSC would like to support a Career Service employee(s) to remind them that we care.

Eligibility Requirements & Assistance

To be eligible, the nominee must be a full-time Santa Fe College Career Service employee that has completed their probationary period. The awarded amount will be determined based upon the availability of funds within the CSC General Fund. The nominee may only receive aid from the CSC General Fund once during a 12-month period and no more than twice within a three-year period. Personal information will be kept confidential.

All college faculty and staff are welcome to nominate a Career Service employee for this award using the Adopt-a-Family Holiday Assistance application linked below:

Email your application to, or send a paper copy to Tyffany Wishart in F-26.

**Deadline for all submissions is November 2, 2015.**

Please contact Nina Trombi, Chair of the Career Service Council, at extension 7375 with any questions.