Come See the Santa Fe Zoo’s New Additions, Seven Days a Week

Come See the Santa Fe Zoo’s New Additions, Seven Days a Week

Gibson 1
Pictured: 1 year-old Gibson, White Handed Gibbon, swings from trees in his home environment at Santa Fe College Zoo

If you haven’t been to the Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo this year, now is the perfect time to bring the family out to discover some of our new additions. The zoo has been bustling with new life, from births to infants growing up too fast right before our eyes.

On April 26th, Hedy and Moili, the red ruffed lemurs, welcomed a little baby boy to their family. In just over a month, the little guy is bright eyed and bushy tailed and becoming more independent every day. Before long, it˙ll be hard to tell the newborn apart from his brother, Tupelo and sister, Aspen.

Guests have been delighted to see the adorable Matschie˙s tree kangaroo joey hopping around with his mother Omari. It˙s hard to believe that only a year ago he was the size of a jelly bean! Now that he can˙t quite fit in Omari˙s pouch, your chances are far greater for seeing him snacking on bamboo and climbing on tree limbs.

The oldest of all the newborns is Gibson, the white handed gibbon. He turned one year old in March and he is now in full toddler form. You could watch him for hours as he learns to swing like his dad, Eddie, or call like his mom, Cajun. His older brother, Rainer, is doing a wonderful job keeping him entertained and teaching him the ropes.


The Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo is open seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Come on by and we˙ll introduce our kids to your kids!