Penny Wars Getting Serious, Students Ahead by Over 3000 Points!

The famous “Penny Wars” has heated up, despite the slight drop in temperature outside. The Students currently rule! So, will it be a pie in the face for Santa Fe College’s President, Dr. Jackson Sasser? Or will the Staff and Faculty members pull through and save face? Jacobi Bedenfield, Class President,  may just get off the hook after all and toss the towel to “the other guy”.  Who’s going to win this battle of the pies? Put your money where your, or their, mouth is by donating to the United Way Campaign at one of the designated drop sites (see rules of engagement below for Penny War jar locations).


Take a look at the results so far! Click on this PDF for a better view!   PennyWarsChart

Rules of Engagement:  Penny Wars