Saints of Santa Fe College – Sue Jester

Saints of Santa Fe College – Sue Jester

January 1, 2017 – Sue Jester is a retired Santa Fe College art instructor who taught for 32 years at SF. Sue’s connection with SF ties into the student side, too. She took many courses during her tenure at SF, including everything from Algebra to color photography and a range of subjects in between. 

Even after she retired form SF, Sue’s connection to the college continued.

“After retiring, I was able to go on three travel abroad trips sponsored by SF,” Sue said. “I went to China, Italy and Greece.”

In addition to her trips abroad, her SF connections includes family as well. Her son Joseph works for SF as an administrative assistant and her daughter-in-law received a medical technology degree from SF. Sue has two grandchildren who both got A.A.’s and continued on to the University of Central Florida—one, a current freshman, and the other recently graduated pre-law, now in a master’s degree program in cyber technology.

Sue is also a founding member of Sweetwater Print Cooperative, now in its twenty-first year. Last year her show at SWP was in October. It was titled, “Light and Shadow—you can see one of them in the Sun.”