Access Privilege Changes to Student and Employee Social Security Numbers

April 4, 2018 – Santa Fe College is committed to providing extra care in maintaining the confidential status of student and employee social security numbers. In an effort to continually improve the safeguarding of this sensitive student and employee information, the college has recently upgraded the SF ID database. This upgrade included a mechanism to differentiate IT users access privileges (Name Browse) between the student and employee information system in eStaff.

Individual user access to the Name Browse option in eStaff is now broken down between access to students (Name Browse-Student) and employees (Name Browse-Employee). All prior user access to the Name Browse option has been removed and replaced with the new option(s). If you are a user with access to this information it is important to remember that you have a responsibility to properly safeguard social security numbers and other personally identifiable information.

Providing user access privileges to either of the new options must be based on a demonstrated need for such access so that we can continually protect sensitive information.

For questions regarding student name browse access contact Mike Hutley at or 352-395-4177. For questions about employee name browse access contact Ginger Gibson or 352-395-5208.