CCS Best Practices: Your Professional Email Signature

CCS Best Practices: Your Professional Email Signature

May 17, 2018 – Your email signature communicates important information. It lets people within the college know what area you work in and it lets people outside the college know what institution you represent.

Between 2015-2016, a “No. 1 in the Nation” signature was released. That honor is passed on to a different college each year, and it is no longer ours to boast in official communications. As such, that signature should no longer be used on college emails.

Also, it is important that your professional email signature not contain any text, links or images that express your own personal, religious or political beliefs. We are a wonderfully diverse community, but try to think of email signatures more as our college nametags, less as our daily wardrobes. Keep it simple, using one of the signatures that Dr. Sasser has approved on the CCS website.

Copy and paste the appropriate one for your division into your email program (repeat if you use multiple devices or platforms), and you’ll be all set.