Jambo! Out of Africa Offered This Summer at CIED

Jambo - Out of Africa. From the Pyramids to Mount Kilimanjaro all the way to the Table Mountain

May 22, 2018 – Santa Fe College’s Community Education is now offering a new fun-filled weeklong program for students entering the fifth through ninth grades. The program is hosted in partnership with the Center for African Studies at the University of Florida and introduces the basics of African culture through Swahili language, music, dance, culture and crafts. Students enrolled in the program will “travel” top all the regions of Africa, and find out about the landscapes, people, food and more. There are only 24 available spaces for the program, which runs Monday, June 18, through Friday, June 22, from 9 a.m. until noon at SF’s Center for Innovation and Economic Development, 530 W. University Avenue, Gainesville.

For additional information, visit SF’s Community Ed Course Listing page and register online, or call SF’s Community Education at 352-395-5193.