CCS Best Practices: SF/SFC/SFCC

CCS Best Practices: SF/SFC/SFCC

May 23, 2018 – Call us a house inclusive, not a house divided! However, it does cause challenges where branding is concerned when we all have different names for the college.

The official acronym for Santa Fe College is “SF,” like the SF on our logo. But all around campus, you will also find faculty, staff and students using “SFC.”  Many locals also remember back before we offered bachelor’s degrees, when we were Santa Fe Community College, and they use “SFCC.”

While it’s a unique part of the college story that we have been different schools to different people, it also keeps us from having a stronger presence in the community. Brand identity helps with student enrollment and in our engagement with alumni and community partners.  It’s a lot easier to get excited about an institution where everyone appears to be on the same page and on the same team, right? So, in print, online and on social, please . . . Go SF!

If you’d like a little reminder, stop by the information table outside CCS (P-238) for an SF button!