CCS Best Practices: Project Due Dates

CCS Best Practices: Project Due Dates

Note: Several CCS team members will be attending a branding conference for the week of June 4-10. Projects requested during this time may be subject to delays.

When is the best time to put in a project request with CCS? As soon as possible! As you fill out your request, note the red text at the top of the form that states, “Please make sure that the Desired Due Date (above) matches the Proposed Date Needed (below).” What that means is, our third-party software that we use for project management is smart enough to estimate how long certain kinds of projects will likely take, but it’s not smart enough to turn those estimates into your default deadline. (They’re working on it.)

Unfortunately, being able to list any old date you please as your deadline can lead to unrealistic and unmet expectations. CCS is staffed by humans, after all, and we service the entire college. Sometimes emergencies come up, and we do try to accommodate, but as a best practice, please make sure that your project deadlines are based on the dates proposed in the request form.

If you notice calendar days are greyed out and projects are estimated to take longer than usual, that probably reflects a shortage of staff members available to assist you. Your patience is appreciated!