SF Payroll Reminder: Check Your IRS Withholding

SF Payroll Reminder: Check Your IRS Withholding

June 4, 2018 – All Santa Fe College employees are encouraged to check their tax withholding using the IRS Withholding Calculator. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed by Congress in December 2017 has made a significant change in the Federal Income Tax Tables for the 2018 tax year. In addition to the changes in withholding tax on paychecks, the tax bill made a number of additional changes including:

  • Increasing the standard deduction
  • Eliminating personal exemptions
  • Increasing the Child Tax Credit

Anyone with a more complex tax profile, including two incomes or multiple jobs, may be more vulnerable to being under-withheld or over-withheld.

These tax changes went into effect for the 2018 tax year, which means most SF employees will be impacted when filing their tax forms for the April 15, 2019 deadline.

The IRS Withholding Calculator is a useful tool that you can use to determine if you need to adjust your current tax withholding for the year.

If you determine you need to adjust your withholding, please complete a 2018 W-4 Form and submit it to Human Resources.

If you are unsure of your current tax status and allowances, you can access this information on e-Staff under your “MY INFORMATION” menu.  Select “Payroll Information” and “W-4 Tax Withholding.”  If you have any difficulty in finding any of this information please contact Payroll at 352-395-5212 or 352-395-5927.