Changes Made to Santa Fe College’s Wi-Fi Network

Changes Made to Santa Fe College’s Wi-Fi Network

July 9, 2018 – Santa Fe College’s Information Technology Services (ITS) has been upgrading the Wi-Fi on the Northwest Campus and all college centers. SF students, faculty, staff and visitors can connect their devices to the Wi-Fi network through one of two separate Wi-Fi network names.

The first, SF Guest, is available to be used by anyone on the Northwest Campus or any of the SF centers. However, it only allows access to the web with restricted speed limits.

The other network is SF College. This is the Wi-Fi network to be used by SF students and employees. The SF College network allows for greater access to the internet, but does require configuration and authentication prior to use.

When using the SF College Wi-Fi network, you must enter your eight-digit SFID number, no dashes or spaces, just the eight digits. Use your password you have to log in to eStaff or eSantaFe account for the password.

Each particular device (iPhone, Android, laptop, etc) may have minor differences in connecting to the network, but all devices connecting to the SF College Wi-Fi network must use the eight-digit SFID and your password to begin the process.

Complete details for each individual device can be found on the Wi-Fi Assistance page of SF’s website. You can also access SF’s wireless policies and FAQs on the Wi-Fi Assistance page.