Santa Fe College Students Produce Show for Amazon Prime

Santa Fe College Students Produce Show for Amazon Prime

Weird U logo featuring side view of skull with fictitious Hoggetowne University logo on the side.

July 13, 2018 – Santa Fe College students working toward their degree in SF’s Digital Media Technology program have created a web series currently available on Amazon. The series, “Weird U”, is described by professor Marc Shahboz as a “horror/weird tales anthology that takes place in the Lovecraft universe” filled with odd creatures and mythical beasts.

Weird U is set at the fictitious Hoggetowne University, the number one college in the nation (sound familiar?), located in Gainesville. The series is shot on location on SF’s Northwest Campus, with additional footage from the Harvey Sharron Field Laboratory (aka the Bat Cave).

Everything in the series has been created by the students and faculty at SF, including the video effects, soundtrack and graphic design. SF students released the first four-episode season in May and are planning on releasing season two at the start of the upcoming fall term.