SF Completes Fifth-Year Interim Report for Accreditation

SF Completes Fifth-Year Interim Report for Accreditation

January 25, 2019 – Santa Fe College has been notified that its fifth-year interim accreditation report has been reviewed by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC), and no further information or action has been requested. This affirms the effectiveness of the college’s ongoing practice of improving its programs and services.

SACSCOC is the regional body for degree-granting institutions of higher education and SF is required to report to SACSCOC at the midway point in the college’s 10-year accreditation. The process thoroughly engages college staff in reflection on their shared value for educational quality, access, inclusion and student success.

In a message to SF employees, President Jackson Sasser congratulated the faculty and staff for their work, not just in the reporting process itself, but in the “participation, insights and commitment essential as we undertook the task of developing solutions to meet the critical needs of our students.” Sasser also cited the work of Dr. Rhonda Morris, whose leadership and dedication is evident in the “development and implementation of our Quality Enhancement Plan, Navigating the College Experience.

Congratulations to Provost Ed Bonahue, Vice President of Student Affairs Naima Brown, Vice President of Assessment, Research and Technology Lisa Armour and everyone who helped move the accreditation process along smoothly.