Jenny Guardado, Saint of Santa Fe College for January 28, 2019

Saints of Santa Fe College – Jenny Guardado

We had a business in Miami for 10 years, but it went into bankruptcy. I decided to go back to school to get my degree and get a better job. If I could not own my own business, I had to do something better for me and my family. My daughter and son came to Santa Fe College in 2013. They walked every morning to class together for two years. They are the ones who inspired me to get my degree. So I decided to move here in 2015. Most of the time during my A.A. program, I was working retail and taking two or three classes each semester. But I kept motivated because of the people at Student Support Services. Because I’m older than most students, I made friends with the staff and advisors, and they motivated me to work toward my bachelor’s degree here at the college. They have helped us feel like we are part of the Santa Fe College community. So every person I know or meet—at church, in the store—I tell them to go back to college. I did it, and I’m not even good in English. I tell them they will get a lot of help at Santa Fe; they only have to ask the right person.

Jenny Guardado, A.A. International Business, B.A.S. Organizational Management

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