Julie Fournier, Saint of Santa Fe College for March 11, 2019

Saints of Santa Fe College – Julie Fournier

I’ve always wanted to be a basketball coach, so I took a look at what I was passionate about, and that’s basketball and psychology. The blog is kind of what the world needs right now. Psychology is an underdeveloped part of the game. But it’s important. When you miss a shot, you can’t get down on yourself and hang your head and sulk because you’re going to fall behind. The game keeps going. Mentally tough players are able to keep positive body language, and that really helps their team. I had nine subscribers when I first posted, and it’s up to 90,000 views. I get messages from players and coaches from 90 different countries. But I know I have to put in the work if I want it to continue to grow and help me develop as a leader. Coach Stebbins taught me that. Whatever you bring to the table, you have to bring it every single day. You can’t take a day off. Give the same effort you give on the court in class, on your blog, in your business, anywhere , and it will pay off.

– Julie Fournier, A.A. Psychology, Shooting Guard, SF Saints Women’s Basketball

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To read Julie’s blog, visit: http://basketballispsychology.com/