Congratulations to Barbara Fields, SF Brand Ambassador for August 2019


Barbara Fields, Brand Ambassador August 2019

Finding out that your PDFs aren’t accessible and that your information can’t simply be updated and published to the college website can be really frustrating. Especially if its information that students find really helpful, and if those PDFs were created years ago with the help of a good friend or loved one. Such was the case for Barbara Fields and her 27 academic grids for business programs.

Barbara understands the importance of being 508 compliant, so that our website is accessible to all students. She rose to the occasion, worked around the clock, and with a little help from CCS created a collection of HTML pages to replace the PDFs. They turned out beautiful and, despite myriad challenges, were ready for students at the beginning of the semester.

Barbara is an innovative web editor who uses her Percussion knowledge to put the best information possible out on the website for her students. They appreciate it and the college does, too. Kudos, Barbara!