Santa Fe College Urgent Updates and Storm Preparation

Santa Fe College Urgent Updates and Storm Preparation

August 30, 2019 – 4 p.m. — Santa Fe College will be closed for the Labor Day holiday on Monday and will remain closed on Tuesday due to Hurricane Dorian. This includes all educational centers, online classes, the library, and the SF Teaching Zoo.  As the track and timing of the storm continue to change, college administrators are evaluating the impact on the college and community. Please continue to monitor the college website at for up to date information on additional closures and reopening.

If you have not already, all employees should log into eStaff > My Information > Emergency Notification Info and make sure all information is correct. Students should log into eSantaFe > Records > My Information to do the same. In the event of any emergency, SF will contact you through whatever contact information you have provided. You can also download and monitor the Safe Santa Fe app.

Today, before leaving:

  • Refrigerators: Please discard perishable food from refrigerators or take it with you as you leave the campus.
  • Trash and recycling: All desk trash and recycling should be left in office trash receptacles for normal collection.

All faculty and staff should be aware of the following:

Additional considerations:

  • Golf Carts: If it is possible to bring a golf cart indoors, please do so. Contact Facilities for the best outdoor places to park a golf cart.
  • Outside Signs: Event signs and A-Frames should be brought inside. If you help another program or area with their signs, please notify their team so they can find them later. Notify Facilities of any hanging signs that need to be removed.
  • Windows: Please double check that windows in your area are closed and latched. Lower any shades. Close any vertical blinds.

DO NOT return to any college campus or center until official notification of clearance has been given via the college website. Please check for updates throughout the weekend. In the event emergency access is needed to campus, the SF Police Department will remain in continual operation and should be the first point of contact. Santa Fe College Police Department: Non-emergency 352-395-5519; Emergency 352-395-5555.





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Please note that Florida has a broad public records law, and that all correspondence to or from College employees via email may be subject to disclosure.