Santa Fe College Mourns the Loss of Azza Guertin

Santa Fe College mourns the loss of Azza Guertin (center) passed away October 15.

October 16, 2019 – Santa Fe College mourns the loss of longtime biology professor Azza Guertin, who passed away Wednesday morning. Dr. Guertin started teaching at Santa Fe College as an adjunct professor in 1970 before gaining full-time status in the fall of 1972.

Her colleagues at SF respected her for her depth of knowledge and dedication to educating the students of SF. Donna Waller, who taught in the social and behavioral sciences department for 26 years called her “an anchor and mainstay of the Natural Sciences department.” Vilma Fuentes remembers Azza as a fellow faculty member who helped her understand the Santa Fe way and the values that helped make this institution great. Vilma added, “I continue to believe that we stand on the shoulders of these people who preceded us.”

Dr. Guertin retired from SF in 2003.

Azza is survived by her children, including her daughter, Lila Guertin, who is a full-time faculty member in our cardiovascular technology program. There will be a celebration of her life to be scheduled at a later date and time.