Congratulations to Mike Christy, SF Brand Ambassador for October 2019

Congratulations to Mike Christy, SF Brand Ambassador for October 2019

Mike Christy, the Oct. 2019 CCS Brand Ambassador.

November 5, 2019 – If you were to ask anyone who has had the opportunity to meet or work with him, one thing you will learn is that Mike Christy is the embodiment of everything Santa Fe College stands for. Mike, a Senior Mover in SF’s Facilities department, is ever-present, willing and able to do what is necessary to make the college look its absolute best.

We here at Communications & Creative Services are protectors of our brand. And while we may be sticklers about certain branding aspects, we also understand the brand is so much more than just SF (instead of SFC) and using Saints Blue (not red, or green, or cerulean or whatever other colors we see coming into our office). Our brand gives us a consistent look and feel and helps us, as a college, live up to our mission of adding value to the lives of our students and enriching our community.

Whether it’s setting up for events, staying late to break everything down after the events, adding scores more chairs to R-001 during the presidential forums with faculty and staff, moving furniture across campus or acting as a human backstop supporting a Santa Fe College pull up banner during the Blount Center groundbreaking (and yes, we have the picture), Mike has consistently and constantly answered the call so that campus events run smoothly.

Mike has been honored as a Career Service STAR Award winner, and at spring convocation, Dr. Sasser presented Mike and his wife Rose with the “You are Santa Fe” award. Now SF’s Communications & Creative Services is proud to select Mike Christy as the Brand Ambassador for October 2019.