United Way Update – November 5

United Way Update – November 5

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November 5, 2019 – Santa Fe College’s fundraiser for the United Way of North Central Florida is continuing for just a few more weeks. All proceeds raised during this period go to benefit the people in our community needing support in education, health and financial stability.

If you have not already done so, you can fill in an online form for payroll deductions. If you have already completed the paper form sent to all SF employees last month, you will not need to complete the online form. If you have submitted your payroll deduction online or do not wish to submit the paper forms, please return the United Way paper forms to Doug Bagby in campus mail to Building S, Room 136.

These payroll deductions will last for the entire 2020 year, beginning with the paycheck you receive Jan. 15, 2020. Any employee who makes a contribution of at least $24 (or $1 per pay period) will be automatically entered into a drawing to win an iPad. Even if you do not want to make a contribution, you can enter to win the iPad by going to Cheryl Farrell’s office in Building F, Room 249 and completing an entry form.

As the college has done in years past, there will also be an opportunity to win a Solano Scooter, this year valued at $1700. The scooter is currently at the SF Library and there is a bid sheet in the bookstore. Currently, the highest bid is $800, and all bids must be submitted by Friday, Nov. 15, at 4:30 p.m.

The SF Bookstore and Coffee 101 are also getting into the fundraising spirit by doing a round-up for United Way. Anytime you make a purchase at the bookstore or Coffee 101, you will have the opportunity to round-up your bill to the next whole dollar (a $3.77 would be rounded up to $4, a $7.45 would be rounded up to $8, etc.).

And for your Penny Wars update – it looks like after two weeks of collecting money, the students have not only collected more money than SF staff, but also have a higher point total than the staff.

Students, represented by Student Body President Kate Santacruz, have collected a total of $82.13. Staff, represented by associate director of Student Life Doug Bagby, have amassed $52.55 for the United Way of North Central Florida. Because coins add to a team’s score, and paper money takes points away, the students lead over the staff is 2813 – 1255. Should that score hold for the next couple of weeks, Dr. Bagby will be getting a pie in the face at some point before the end of the fall term.

Please continue to support the United Way of North Central Florida through payroll deductions, scooter bids, rounding up your bill or Penny Wars. Your next update will come next week.