Professional Development Opportunity on Communication and Feedback

Professional Development Opportunity on Communication and Feedback

May 1, 2020 –

Santa Fe College’s Human Resources’ commitment to supporting faculty and staff of SF continues this week with a variety of opportunities. The first opportunity will be two training sessions with Dr. Brian Moffitt, who has provided training at some of SF’s sister colleges in the Florida College System that have been well received. The sessions are among the most popular he offers, Feedback: The Key to Continuous Improvement for Everyone and Persuasive Communication. The participation is limited to 20 per session so please email Betsy Nunu at to reserve your spot. More information about these courses and Dr. Moffitt can be found below.

Feedback: The Key to Continuous Improvement for Everyone

Thursday, May 7, from 8:30-10 a.m.

  • Determine how you react to feedback.
  • Review guidelines for giving feedback.
  • Assess your feedback skills.
  • Practice delivering feedback to downward, horizontally, and upward.
  • Explore surveys and more.

Persuasive Communication

Friday, May 8, from 10:30 a.m.-noon

  • Define persuasion.
  • Explore different persuasive strategies and formats.
  • Determine ways to use them.

Dr. Brian Moffitt helps individuals, teams and organizations make positive change through training, facilitation and consultation. He holds advanced degrees in communication and leadership and managed organizational development departments for 20 years. He is the Producer and Host of “Good Work NOW!”, a webcast featuring experts to help viewers find and create good work. Seating is limited so please email Betsy Nunu at for reservations.

HR also wants to remind all employees about the Employee Assistance Program (EAP).  While this was our focus last week, our EAP provider New Directions is offering additional COVID-19 resources through June 2020 from their partner myStrength at no cost.  They also continue to update their website with additional resources and training opportunities to meet the needs of individuals during this time with their COVID-19 site.

This week also kicked off SF’s Focus on Wellness event. While we are all social distancing, staying home and focused on health, safety and our wellbeing, what better time to focus on overall wellness. Each week of this event focuses on a different aspect of our overall wellness in addition to encouraging employees to engage weekly in some type of physical activity. Please take some time to check out this event and focus on your overall health and wellbeing.

We hope that the previous installments of professional development training opportunities have been helpful for you and your team. Our previous list and resources are available on the Human Resources Professional Development Opportunities website and we will continue to update this website each week with opportunities for faculty and staff.