SF President Broadie Issues Temporary Delay on Return to Campus for Some SF Faculty and Staff

SF President Broadie Issues Temporary Delay on Return to Campus for Some SF Faculty and Staff

June 28, 2020 – Santa Fe College President Paul Broadie II, Ph.D., released a statement to the college community Sunday afternoon, delaying the scheduled return to on-site operations for some SF faculty and staff.

His full statement is below.

Dear Santa Fe Family:

When we began our recent transition to on-campus operations, the curve of COVID-19 cases had flattened. We are now seeing a significant resurgence of cases.

Since last Sunday, the number of COVID-19 cases in Florida has increased at least 26 percent, and in Alachua County it has risen at least 32 percent. On Friday, there were 89 new cases in our county and 9,585 statewide.

I had hoped to continue our gradual, phased-in return of employees to campus. However, given these developments, I have decided it is necessary to place a pause on bringing additional employees back to campus, except for those specifically identified by their vice president for essential services or scheduled to deliver on-site instruction. Those employees scheduled to return to campus this week and next week will continue to work remotely through at least July 10 unless contacted by their vice president. Those employees who had already returned to the workplace will continue onsite operations unless directed otherwise by their vice president.

As we move into Summer B next week, on-campus instruction has been approved only in programs requiring hands-on training.  Identified faculty and staff in Dental Programs, Cardiovascular Technology, Construction and Technical Programs, the Teaching Zoo, the Institute for Public Safety, or the Perry Center should continue to report as planned.

Student Affairs has implemented multiple measures to provide service to our students and will continue to provide these services remotely.

As we continue to monitor the trajectory of the virus as well as guidance from the CDC and health department, I urge you to stay safe. Please wear a face covering (mask), wash your hands often and practice social distancing for your protection and that of others.

Thank you for your continued patience and for the impressive work you have done under difficult circumstances.

Best regards,