SF Bookstore Re-Opens August 3rd

SF Bookstore Re-Opens August 3rd

The Santa Fe College Bookstore, which offers New, Used, Rental, and Digital formats, re-opens on Monday, August 3rdThe Bookstore has the correct textbooks and access codes on shelves and staff are ready to assist you with your purchase for a successful Fall 2020 semester.   The easiest and most convenient way to see a complete list of your course materials, along with pricing and format options, is to view your class schedule on eSantafe and click on the link at the bottom that reads “Order My Textbooks“.

There are 2 ways to shop: 

Online – With current Physical Distancing restrictions, and limited access to the physical Bookstore, we are encouraging students to shop online.

  • Access your custom course materials by clicking on “Order My Textbooks” at the bottom of your class schedule on eSantafe.
  • Select your desired format and add it to your shopping cart.
  • Checkout using Credit, Debit, Barnes & Noble Gift Cards, Financial Aid, Vocational Rehabilitation Authorizations, and Chapter 31 Veteran Benefits.
  • Pick up your order, during our regular store hours, at our Online Order pickup windows


  • Have them shipped to your home for a flat fee.
  • Orders over $49.00 qualify for free shipping.

In-store – Following CDC guidelines, the Bookstore will be limiting access to 30 students at a time.  The lines will be long and it will be hot. Please prepare. Before heading to the Bookstore, and to move quickly through the line, we ask that you have the following information available.

  • Print your class schedule from eSantafe or have it pulled up on your device
  • Print your Custom Booklist by clicking “Order My Textbooks” at the the bottom of your class schedule or have it pulled up on your device
  • Have your Santa Fe ID or a State ID in hand
  • Planning to shop with Financial Aid, Vocational Rehabilitation Authorizations, and Chapter 31 Veteran Benefits?
    • Check your awards page on eSantafe to be certain you have a Bookstore Allowance listed under your Financial Aid
    • Vocational Rehabilitation students should have your voucher in hand or emailed to the Bookstore prior to your visit.
    • Chapter 31 Vets – know your Tungsten Authorization #
  • If renting textbooks, you will need a State ID and a debit or credit card

Please visit the SF Bookstore online at or download the Bookstore App –  My College Bookstore.  We look forward to serving you.