Saint of Santa Fe | Brittany “Bee” Lynch

Saint of Santa Fe | Brittany “Bee” Lynch

Santa Fe College student Brittany Lynch poses for a photo with her camera gear outside Building N on Oct. 21, 2020.(Matt Stamey/Santa Fe College ) ***Subjects Have Releases***

October 28, 2020 – The college I went to in California was a Community College that was in my hometown. It was very, very outdated. The library had carpet from like the ’70s – kind of groovy. I studied Multimedia Production there, but it was definitely more theory-based. I came to Santa Fe because I liked the program a lot better. It’s a lot more hands-on. Classes here have helped prepare me for the actual real world of working in the film industry, television, broadcasting . . . I have an associates in mass communications. I’m going to have my bachelor’s degree in Multimedia Video Production at the end of the semester from Santa Fe.

Over the year or two that I’ve been here in Gainesville, I’ve been able to work on quite a quite a few different things. There’s lots of little hidden gems of opportunities because there’s an influx of people here. It’s a college town; it’s more diverse and has a lot more going on than where I come from. I really try to soak up every resource and opportunity that I can.

I would love to be a producer. That means being the person who facilitates call sheets, locations, casting, much of behind the scenes and pre-production. It makes me so happy to be the one who has to organize and plan everything and really structure an entire production. That excites me. Being a producer would be the dream job.

Producing this episode of Rise started with me reaching out to Alec. I had met him through the Readers and Writers Club at Santa Fe a couple of times and he’s super cool and he’s really talented. I asked him if he had a poem. He was in the midst of writing one. It started out as “Hey, we’re all humans, we should be wanting to help each other.” We brought it back home to, “Hey, you’re a person that wants to make it in this country just like I do.” We’re trying to hopefully put that message across, ’cause we are a melting pot of lots of different people. Everyone should be equal.

– Brittany “Bee” Lynch, SF student

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