SF Aware of Non-Credible Threats Information Received By Staff

November 10, 2020 – Santa Fe College officials have been made aware of threats received in Florida, including by members of the SF community. Similar messages over the last few months have been investigated by the FBI and have been deemed to be false and without credibility. The message, which has come via email and text, purports that white supremist groups are planning attacks on people of color as some sort of “initiation”.

The college is aware of these threats and has discussed the issue with the SFPD. They advise you should not respond or click on any links sent. You can also utilize any “block” or “SPAM” features available on your computer and/or phone. The FBI also has an Internet Crime Complaint Center where you can file a complaint at ic3.gov. If you do receive one of these types of contacts, you can notify law enforcement to determine if it is the same type of previously reported false information or needs further review. Any direct threats of any kind should be reported to the police immediately.

Finally, as Dr. Broadie reminded the college community in a message sent Monday, Nov. 2, any SF student who is feeling stressed and concerned can contact the SF Counseling Center at 352-395-5508. SF employees have the Employee Assistance Program and can call 800-624-5544.