Saint of Santa Fe | Andy Barnes

Saint of Santa Fe | Andy Barnes

Santa Fe College Vice President, Administrative Affairs and CFO, Andy Barnes.

January 11, 2021 – I came to Santa Fe after graduating from Buchholz. I literally grew up just on the other side of what is now Meadowbrook Golf Course. So, proximity and ease of access was a big factor. Also, as a first-generation college student, it really worked for me. I got my A.A. here at Santa Fe before transferring to UF. I majored in advertising with a minor in business, but kind of stayed in the business track after I graduated.

I’ve always been good with numbers, but being a first-generation college student, I really didn’t know what that meant. Math was always just what I gravitated toward, it was just something that came natural to me. But again, my parents had never gone to college, so I really didn’t know what it took and what it looked like to get there. I took a slightly different path and I think I’m where I’m supposed to be. 

Santa Fe really helped me because it was really rigorous. You know your instructors, they know you, they know when you are in class, they can tell if you miss classes – or if you are struggling. They work with you, but they really hold you accountable. Santa Fe prepared me. It made me disciplined. I had to structure my schedule in a way to be able to work and still accomplish all the things I needed to do in school. 

You know there may be times where it’s feels grueling and tedious, but it’s unparalleled. The critical thinking skills I developed at Santa Fe have helped immensely. 

–       Andy Barnes, VP Administrative Affairs and CFO