Saints of Santa Fe College – Elisabeth Eder

SF student Elisabeth Eder led the effort to establish an LGBTQ resource center on the Northwest Campus.

January 25, 2021 – “I decided to start a petition on campus last year to bring LGBTQ resources to the campus. I went around and asked students, ‘Hey, would you like to sign this petition to bring resources to the students?’ Almost everyone was all for it and very excited and I had huge support and backing. At some point, we went out in groups and teams, wondering how many signatures we could get in an hour. We reached over 400 supporters. From that, I wrote a resolution and brought it to Student Government. They passed it, it then went to the college senate and was approved there. The college decided they would find a space and that we’re going to build a Resource Center.
Now I’m volunteering on the center’s task force, sharing my feedback and opinions with how the center should be, and leading focus groups with the students to see what they want to see in the space
I envision it as a welcoming space for everyone. Even students who don’t identify as members of the LGBTQ+ community. I’m hoping that the space will host events like discussion groups, have days when people can craft together, watch movies, a book club, things like that.
I found that everyone I’ve interacted with at the college has been very encouraging of me, very accepting, welcoming. They are very supportive and they believe in my very big dreams like this one. The college has been a place where I could really be myself and pursue what I want and find a great community of people.
I’d like the students here to know that everyone at the college – from the students to the administration and faculty – are so supportive and accepting of everyone on campus. It’s just a very special place to be. I feel very grateful to be here and I absolutely love Santa Fe so much.”

  • Elisabeth Eder, second-year sociology student