Internet Discount

Internet Discount

The federal government is offering eligible Alachua County families up to a $50/month discount on internet service and a one-time discount of up to $100 for a laptop, tablet or desktop computer. Families can qualify based on their income or participation in SNAP, Medicaid and other public programs. Families can also qualify if their children are enrolled in the free/reduced price school meal program or attend a school that offers free meals to all students.

More information about who is eligible and how to apply is available at The application opens today, Wednesday, May 12, and families are urged to apply as soon as possible.

The program will end when it runs out of money or six months after the federal government declares the COVID emergency is over, whichever is sooner.

Please note that this is a program offered by the federal government. It is NOT run by Alachua County Public Schools.