The Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo is Proud to Announce a New Baby Name

The Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo is Proud to Announce a New Baby Name

The SF Teaching Zoo introduces Cusa to the community. See him, the other white-handed gibbons and all the animals at the zoo.

October 25, 2021 – To celebrate the first birthday of the Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo’s first blonde white-handed gibbon, zoo staff engaged the community in an online auction to give him a name. The auction received multiple bids and the zoo greatly appreciates the support from the community. The SF Teaching Zoo is excited to announce the winner of the auction was CAMPUS USA Credit Union, a longtime supporter of SF and the SF Teaching Zoo. The name they chose is Cusa (pronounced Q-sah), it is also an acronym for CAMPUS USA. CAMPUS employees held a vote and Cusa won by a landslide.  

Next time you visit, make sure to stop by the gibbon habitat to watch little Cusa grow to look more and more like his dad, Eddie. We all know how fast time flies and before we know it, he’ll be as big as his brothers. In the meantime, Cusa is still getting his tree legs and is as playful as ever. 

Would you like to support our gibbon family or your other favorite animals at the SF Teaching Zoo too? Then consider the Adopt-An-Animal program, where your donation helps provide for the care and feeding of the animals, as well as providing important funding for habitat enrichment programs and exhibit improvements. Please visit to learn more.