Stay Safe and Avoid Phishing Emails

Stay Safe and Avoid Phishing Emails

November 29, 2021 – Santa Fe College employees should be constantly vigilant about potential phishing emails. SF’s Information Technology Services (ITS) has taken several steps to ensure the security of the campus email accounts.

Emails from personal email accounts should be considered suspect, especially if you have never received any correspondence from that personal email account. Generally, SF administration, faculty and staff will correspond with each other through their official SF email account. If you are unsure about an email that may appear to be from another SF employee, you can always look at the email address and make sure it ends with

Phishing scams often use familiar names of colleagues at the college, but with an email address from something other than the official college email accounts. These emails will often ask for personal information or request a quick response. ITS has provided helpful information online to help you identify a possible phishing email.

If you feel that you may be targeted for a phishing campaign, you should change the password on your email accounts.

You should also report any suspicious emails to the ITS Help Desk at 352-395-5999 or