Five SF Students Present at RUE Conference

Five SF Students Present at RUE Conference

Lucas Demanuel-Thue Sara Pelgar Elizabeth Walker Amy Trask Daniella Rudolph outside the University of Central Florida after the RUE Conference
Lucas Demanuel-Thue, Sara Pelgar, Elizabeth Walker, Amy Trask and Daniella Rudolph

February 21, 2022 – Five Santa Fe College students were selected to present their original research at the 2022 Florida Undergraduate Research Conference at the University of Central Florida last weekend. Under the guidance of the SF Research in Undergraduate Education committee, the students created posters of research done for their coursework at SF in a variety of disciplines. The five students and their projects were:  

  • Lucas Demanuel-Thue:  “Hermaphroditus: Reforming the Gender Binary 
  • Sara Pelgar: “Exploring the Emotional Meaning of a Famous Japanese Woodblock Print” 
  • Elizabeth Walker:  “Chinese Landscape Painting and Reflections of Eco-Culture” 
  • Amy Trask: “Bad Apple or Bad Wiring? A Study of the Human Brain and How Modification of Current Jails Could Rehabilitate and Reduce Recidivism Rate” 
  • Daniella Rudolph: “Our Fate in Fashion”  

Congratulations to our students for taking part in this incredible conference.