Faculty Learn Details of Salary Study

Faculty Learn Details of Salary Study

March 23, 2022 – Faculty at Santa Fe College received an update on the implementation of the Faculty Salary Study Tuesday afternoon. In addition to the raise and cost of living increases provided in last year’s budget for all employees, the college set aside an additional $450,000 at the start of the budget year for faculty salaries.

The new salary schedule will provide three lanes – based on if the faculty member is an Assistant Professor, Associate Professor or a Full Professor at SF. The college is increasing the base pay for an Assistant Professor who meets the minimum qualifications from $37,870 to $46,000.

The lanes provide the flexibility needed both for current SF faculty as they gain experience and more through the lanes as well as incoming instructors whose experience will determine their specific spot on the salary schedule.

For the more than 250 current faculty members directly impacted by the changes, they will see Phase 1 of the implementation completed, which utilizes the $450,000, by the April 15 pay period. Phase 2 will be implemented in the coming fiscal year and will add an additional $1.6 million to salaries and benefits for faculty at the college. The final phase will involve evaluations during the 2022-2023 academic year and will be implemented based on budget feasibility.

A list of the questions will be provided to Executive Leadership for additional details. For anyone who would like to watch the presentation, visit this YouTube link.