Santa Fe College Victim Advocate Introduction 2022

Santa Fe College Victim Advocate Introduction 2022

It is the mission of the Santa Fe College Police Department to provide for the safety and security of students, staff and
visitors of the College. Common crimes that would involve Victim Services include theft, criminal mischief vandalism, and
domestic, partner and dating violence. Situations that are not classified as crimes but may still warrant support range
from family violence to homelessness. It is our hope that the presence of a victim advocate on campus will allow victims
to feel more comfortable, safe and supported as they navigate difficult circumstances.

Roles and Responsibilities
• Emotional Support
• Crisis Intervention
• Risk Assessment
• Safety Planning
• Resource Referral
• Wellness Follow-up Services
• Rights/Policy/Procedural Consultation
• Liaison Between Victims, Services and Third Party Organizations
• Case Management
• Case Management Collaboration
• Crime and Case Recording
• Prevention and Awareness Training

Contact Victoria Moore:

Phone: 352-395-7384