Weather Emergency Response Procedures at Santa Fe College

Weather Emergency Response Procedures at Santa Fe College

September 8, 2022 – A fast moving storm created a sudden tornado warning for portions of the Santa Fe College Service district. A tornado warning is more severe than a tornado watch. A tornado warning means that there has been either radar or visual confirmation of a tornado in the immediate area. Because the path of the storm included part of the service district, the college’s Emergency Notification System (ENS) was activated. 

ENS is designed to get important information out to the entire college community rapidly. It provides information that focuses exclusively on the most essential information and actions to ensure College community safety. It can include website banners, texts, calls, and sirens. In the case of the tornado warning today, the warning area moved rapidly through three North Central Florida counties necessitating an alert until the threat had passed.  

In weather events expected to move more slowly through the college’s service district, additional messaging is provided through the SF Alerts page, the SF newSFeed, and the college’s social media channels. If time allows, there would also be the possibility of additional ENS alerts going out to provide follow-up details.  

The college continues to encourage all students, faculty and staff to make sure their emergency contact and emergency notification information is accurate. Students can log into their eSantaFe accounts to check their contact information and employees can utilize eStaff to update their information.