Planning an Event at SF this Spring? Facilities Services is Ready for You

Planning an Event at SF this Spring? Facilities Services is Ready for You

January 12, 2023 – As we begin the spring term, Santa Fe College’s Facilities Services wants the college community to know they are available to help make sure any college events run smoothly. Any individuals or groups wishing to use SF’s facilities must submit an online Use of Facilities Reservation Request Form and Agreement at least 20 business days prior to the requested event date. Use of the Fine Arts Hall or Lyceum is also available through its own online request form. This process ensures that approved events will run smoothly and not interfere with any other scheduled activities. 

Facilities Services coordinates event planning and its onsite management in conjunction with various college departments to support the event’s overall success. Venue selection, equipment and furniture rental, and event services are facilitated to make sure there is no conflict between scheduled functions or college business. More information can be found on the Use of Facilities webpage.

Additionally, routine college activities that are slated to occur outside of normal business hours (i.e. business meetings, classes, labs, etc.) continue to be supported through the submission of a Facilities Work Request to ensure that appropriate services are scheduled. In addition to supporting college operations, this practice also helps SF be more energy efficient.

For questions or assistance regarding scheduling the use of facilities, please contact Facilities Services at 352-395-5521 or