SF’s Blount Hall Hosts “Human Library”

SF’s Blount Hall Hosts “Human Library”

January 25, 2023 – Have you experienced prejudice or discrimination in your life? Those moments can be hard to talk about and hard to share with other people.

Connect with a collection of people who are willing to openly discuss their personal accounts of discrimination at the Human Library event on Sunday, Feb. 5, 2023. The event will be held at 2 p.m. in Santa Fe College’s Blount Hall, located at 530 West University Avenue.

During the event, volunteers, known as “human books,” will represent different groups in our society that are commonly discriminated against. According to the Human Library, there are a total of 13 groups that make up the “Pillars of Prejudice.” The pillars are mental health, addictions, gender, religion, lifestyle, family relations, ethnicity, disabilities, health, occupation, sexual orientation, social status, and victims.

The human books will share their stories of prejudice with members of the audience, known as “readers,” who will have an opportunity to ask questions. The intent is to spark a conversation, challenge stereotypes, and create a dialogue between the readers and human books that can bridge social divides.

There will be a range of sensitive topics discussed during the event. Some of the topics could be triggering to certain individuals. Please be aware that anyone attending the event will be involved in frank discussions about discrimination, prejudice, and bigotry. Parental discretion is advised

Last year, the Human Library was held at the Cone Park Branch of the Alachua County Library District. This year, Santa Fe College will provide a larger venue for the event. With more space and more human books, this year’s event will be an even more impactful experience for all who attend.

The Human Library Organization, which created this event, is a non-profit learning platform developed in Copenhagen. The organization partners with groups around the world to put on events designed to create a safe space for dialogue. At these events, traumatic experiences with prejudice and discrimination are openly discussed in a respectful manner.

This event is sponsored by Altrusa International of Gainesville in partnership with the Alachua County Library District, Santa Fe College, and the International Human Library Organization.