Be Aware of Phishing Campaigns

Be Aware of Phishing Campaigns

March 6, 2023 – Santa Fe College employees should be constantly vigilant about potential phishing emails. The Santa Fe College Police Department has seen an increased amount of reported victimization from online/email phishing scams and

SF’s Information Technology Services (ITS) has taken several steps to ensure the security of the campus email accounts.

The SFPD is offering the following safety tips:

  • Emails that threaten negative consequences unless urgent action are taken are often phishing scams.  
  • Emails with poor grammar and spelling mistakes (and often from a name you may recognize) are often linked to phishing scams.
  • Emails with an unfamiliar greeting may be a phishing scam.  Be sure to pay close attention to the sender’s email address, even if it’s a name you may recognize. 
  • Never open an attachment or click a hyperlink from an unsolicited email or a sender you do not recognize.  You can hover (not click) your mouse over a hyperlink and the website address will be displayed in the lower left corner of your computer screen. 
  • Never send personal identifying information (date of birth, social security number, etc.) through email. 
  • Never supply password information to your accounts via email. 
  • If an email is advertising something that seems too good to be true, it usually is. 
  • Do not forward the phishing email; instead, take a screenshot of the email and send the screenshot to or you can call the help desk at 352-395-5999.
  • ITS has provided helpful information online to help you identify a possible phishing email.

If you feel you have been victimized by a phishing attempt, you can contact the SFPD at 352-395-5519 or stop by 24/7 to speak with an officer.