CTLE Faculty Spotlight: Andy Sheppard – Exploring ChatGPT and AI Tools 

CTLE Faculty Spotlight: Andy Sheppard – Exploring ChatGPT and AI Tools 

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October 18, 2023 – Andy Sheppard is an Instructional Designer with the Center for Academic Technologies (CAT) and an Adjunct Assistant Professor with the Department of Student Development and Leadership where he teaches “College Success” (SLS1101). This introductory course helps students develop the knowledge and skills to be successful in college course work. The course is a type of first-year experience and a high-impact practice that can improve retention and completion. 

Andy earned his Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice at the University of Florida and an M.Ed. with a specialty in Educational Technology at the American College of Education. Raised in the Florida Keys, Andy enjoys Cuban food, watching documentary films on a variety of topics and traveling abroad. 

Andy is exploring a myriad of ways that ChatGPT and AI can be used in the classroom to enhance critical thinking and the student experience. One example involves students comparing their work to AI-generated work and analyzing them both. Andy also uses AI-generated imagery in the classroom and encourages students to explore biases they see and consider how different prompts may be used to increase diversity in the imagery.

Additionally, Andy has recorded podcasts, compiled selected readings and provided professional development opportunities for faculty and staff to discuss the impacts AI will have on our work and our students lives. Clearly there is a much bigger discussion that needs to happen collegewide. If you are interested in being part of the conversation, go here.

Learn more about Andy’s work here.

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