Oak Hammock Residents Solve Whodunnit at SF’s Perry Center

Oak Hammock Residents Solve Whodunnit at SF’s Perry Center

a laboratory technician working in a lab

October 20, 2023 – Someone tried to steal a 3D printer from Santa Fe College’s Perry Center for Emerging Technologies. However, they got sick before they could get away with the loot. Forensic evidence was left behind along with a tip – the failed crime was an inside job. Someone at the Perry Center was the culprit.

Dr. Alejandra Maruniak, Santa Fe College Associate Professor, and her team invited Oak Hammock residents to the staged crime scene today. The team guided 11 amateur sleuths through the twists and turns of forensic science.

“They will spend a day in biotechnology and chemistry labs learning some of the methods used in crime scene investigations: biochemical analysis, blood typing and DNA fingerprinting,” Dr. Maruniak said before the CSI Day event. “I hope they will have some fun while learning about biotechnology.”

The event wasn’t just a 4-hour presentation in a meeting room. Guests moved from the crime scene to labs to gather and examine evidence. They even got to interview suspects.

While the Perry Center prepares students for excelling in their respective fields, CSI Day entertained and educated the Oak Hammock group. The guests sampled the education SF students receive, while experiencing the care, attention and expertise Perry Center instructors are known for. CSI Day furthers Santa Fe College’s dedication to connect and inspire communities.

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