We’re Here to Help: Tutoring

We’re Here to Help: Tutoring

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October 30, 2023 – Tutoring is more than helping someone complete a difficult assignment or get through exams. Tutoring is academic support that encourages students to learn how to learn. Students who attend tutoring can achieve greater success in their courses. Positive experiences with academic supports can propel students into a lifelong exploration of learning and understanding. 

“We find that students who want to do their very best,” Lee Delaino said, “are using all the resources available to them to get ahead and stay ahead.”

Delaino is Santa Fe College’s Learning Commons Director. The Learning Commons provides multiple services aimed to enhance the quality of student learning experiences. 

“Students who come to the Learning Commons,” Delaino said, “are encouraged to learn strategies for studying that they may not have been taught before. We expect that everyone can add new study skills to their tool box for academic success.”

One SF student not only honed their writing abilities but also boosted their confidence.

“The writing tutors at the Learning Commons read over my essay,” they said, “helped me make corrections and suggested ways to emphasize my points. I had never used the Learning Commons before, but I will be using it more often! Before, I was scared that I’d get criticism, but they do just the opposite. They give really useful knowledge. I didn’t know how helpful it could be.”

Your partnership with academic supports can go a long way. If you want to keep up with your course work or develop a love of learning you can take anywhere you go, then check out Santa Fe College’s tutoring services. They are free and open for our students six days a week, both in person and online. You can find a tutor today and learn more skills for success.

The Northwest Campus, the Blount Center and all of our center locations offer tutoring. Students can also meet with SF tutors online if coming in person isn’t possible. Online tutoring assistance is available via the Learning Commons Canvas page.

We’re here to help transform your journey in the best imaginable way. Tutoring can reinvigorate your curiosity and perseverance. Visit for more information.