CTLE Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Marcela Murillo – Connecting Students with Virtual Exchanges

CTLE Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Marcela Murillo – Connecting Students with Virtual Exchanges

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November 14, 2023 – Dr. Marcela Murillo has her M.A. in Women’s Studies and in Spanish as well as a Ph.D. in Spanish Literature. She is currently completing a Master’s in Education Technology. She is a professor of Spanish at Santa Fe College, where she has been since 2019.

The innovations Dr. Murillo uses in the classroom include virtual exchanges, online language learning and a partnership with the Learning Commons.

Virtual exchanges are an innovative way to bring people from different parts of the world together through technology. Dr. Murillo created a virtual exchange to allow her students to practice Spanish and to engage in cultural conversations with students in other countries. She has used the exchanges in Spanish and Latin American Humanities courses.

Dr. Murillo is also creating opportunities for online language learners through her use of “TalkAbroad,” an online language learning platform that connects students with native speakers worldwide.

Additionally, Dr. Murillo created a partnership with the Learning Commons where she assigns meetings with SF language tutors. Students can meet with the tutors to cover unit material in person, virtually and even on the weekends.

Learn more about Dr. Murillo’s work here.

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