SF Saints Emerge Undefeated

SF Saints Emerge Undefeated

Santa Fe College Saints Men’s Basketball player Connor Morris spinning a basketball on their finger

November 13, 2023 – The Santa Fe Saints Men’s Basketball team went into last week’s Best Western Gateway Grand Classic with a perfect record. Although the season has just begun, early momentum is crucial. Lose it now and fight to regain it later.

Last Thursday, the Saints played the Gordon State College Highlanders in a furious showdown that started fast and only got faster. The Saints handily took the first half. The Highlanders fought hard with their three-point shooting in the second, but it wasn’t enough to stop the Saints. Santa Fe College earned the victory 93-73.

Friday, the Saints kept the momentum rolling when they met Andrew College in what began as a lesson in SF dominance. The Fighting Tigers lived up to their name and closed the gap in the second half, but the damage had already been inflicted. The Saints walked away with a 103-84 victory.

The big news is that the Saints are undefeated this season. They head into their game against Florida Gateway College this Thursday 4-0. Game time is 7 p.m. at the SF Gym, 3000 NW 83 Street, Gainesville. Admission is free for SF faculty, staff, students and retirees with SFID.

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