Future-Ready Education: SF’s Emerging Technologies

Future-Ready Education: SF’s Emerging Technologies

A student dressed in a white lab coat and blue gloves places a liquid into a test tube via a dropper.

December 7, 2023 – Thirteen miles from Santa Fe College’s Northwest Campus, the Charles R. and Nancy V. Perry Center for Emerging Technologies thrives at the core of Florida’s high-tech corridor. Specializing in emerging technology degrees, the Perry Center boasts fully equipped laboratories and state-of-the-art classrooms.

What are emerging technologies? What impacts do they have? How can you begin your journey into an evolving and innovative field?

“Emerging technologies,” Mary El-Semarani, Academic Chair for Emerging Technologies said, “are applications which create or are expected to create a significant social and economic impact.”

Santa Fe College’s degree offerings are designed to meet the workforce needs of our community. The projected job growth in Florida for emerging technologies until 2030 drives those efforts:

  • Clinical Lab Science: 18%
  • Industrial Biotechnology: 14%
  • Biotechnology and Chemistry Technology: 11%
  • Biomedical Equipment Technology: 11%
  • Phlebotomy: 31%

According to El-Semarani, Santa Fe College’s “emerging technologies programs have a combined 90% job placement rate. We have a direct impact on the Alachua biotechnology ecosystem. All of our programs require extensive hands-on training which translates to a seamless transition into the workforce.”

El-Semarani stressed that emerging technology degrees are available for everyone to pursue.

“Our department’s mission is accessibility for students,” El-Semarani said. “The majority of our classes are hybrid. We offer evenings, Saturday workshops and open lab.”

The department’s commitment to inclusivity provides not only flexible options but also fosters diversity in a field typically underrepresented by women.

“Traditionally,” El-Semarani explained, “women make up only 28% of the workforce in STEM. The Emerging Technologies programs have a female demographic population of 65%.”

Addressing needs and adding value to the lives of our students are in the best interests of the community. The Perry Center for Emerging Technologies programs are instrumental in positioning our students for success.

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