A Milestone Year for TRIO Educational Talent Search

A Milestone Year for TRIO Educational Talent Search

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December 12, 2024 – The 2022-2023 academic year was a milestone year for Educational Talent Search. In its Annual Performance Report to the Department of Education, the program met and exceeded all its objectives, with 80% of its seniors enrolling in college. 

What makes this year special is that it marked personal bests for all three of the ETS Academic Coaches. For the first time in 30 years, the ETS program had 100% college enrollment at three of its target high schools. College enrollment was 100% for Jacki Garcia at West Port High School, 100% enrollment at Hawthorne High School for Lindsey Ragsdale and 100% enrollment at Dixie County High School for Theresa Cothren.

“The success of our program is absolutely attributed to the work of our Academic Coaches,” Jodi Doher, ETS Program Coordinator said. “They are passionate about what they do, knowledgeable, authentic and genuine. The students know this, they trust them and it shows in our numbers. Our Academic Coaches are the backbone of this program.”

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