What You Should Know About Santa Fe College’s High School Dual Enrollment

What You Should Know About Santa Fe College’s High School Dual Enrollment

One person works on a laptop while two people on both sides of them look at the laptop while sitting outside on Santa Fe College's Northwest Campus.

January 16, 2024 – Did you know students can earn college credit while attending high school?

Santa Fe College’s High School Dual Enrollment encourages students to experience small classes in a college environment while participating in extracurricular activities – like sports, prom and graduation – at their high schools. Each year, approximately 1,000 high school students participate in the program.

Students can enroll in either high school or tuition-free college courses based on their ACT, SAT or PERT scores. Students who want a hands-on, high wage career can track toward a certificate, an Associate in Science or bachelor’s degree in Career and Technical Education programs. Students seeking academic careers can earn an Associate in Arts degree and transfer to a university. This unique opportunity allows career-minded students to enjoy the best of both worlds with an eye on their future.

Plus, some graduates can save up to $7,000 in tuition and fees. These time and financial savings can propel students into their chosen fields faster than traditional methods. A high school student could wait until they graduate high school and then enroll in college, or they could dual-enroll and be on the fast track toward their chosen career.

Here are three additional pieces of information that you might find interesting:

  • The program will celebrate its 50th anniversary in Fall 2024.
  • There is no cost for families to participate.
  • The program serves many first-generation college students.

The High School Dual Enrollment program starts accepting applications for Fall 2024 on Thursday, Feb. 1. Learn more at or call 352-395-5490.