The SF Achieve Journey Begins Here

The SF Achieve Journey Begins Here

An individual is presenting an SF Achieve information flyer to two other individuals at a table in a library.

January 23, 2024 – A college education opens many doors. Everyone’s journey to a degree is different. Some might struggle to make time. Some think they can’t afford attending. Others do not know where or when to begin, especially if they are in high school. Santa Fe College (SF) encourages potential graduates via several programs like SF Achieve.

Designed to transform the college-going experience for high school students, SF Achieve makes college a reality for those dreaming of boundless opportunities.

“SF Achieve is focused on tearing down barriers,” Quinten Eyman, Director of Recruitment and SF Achieve said. “We know that there are lots of barriers, some real, some perceived, that stop so many students from dreaming big. We want those dreams to be big and bold, and a college education is a powerful launching pad to put students on the trajectory toward what they want most out of life.”

A $40 million gift from the MacKenzie Scott Foundation helped lay the groundwork for launching the program. High school students can sign up anytime. There is no minimum GPA. Signing up is not an obligation to attend SF. However, students who join our community will be on course to earn the SF Achieve scholarship, helping to pay for up to 60 credit hours towards a degree track or 1,800 clock hours towards a certificate track. 

SF Achieve Specialists coach students on career exploration, financial aid and more. Mentorship will continue after students enroll at SF.

Staying true to your dreams is a journey sometimes filled with obstacles. You don’t have to face yours alone. Learn more at