The SF Achieve Journey: Scholarships

The SF Achieve Journey: Scholarships

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January 24, 2024 – Scholarships unlock many doors. They provide students the opportunity to be debt-free while obtaining a college education. This helps cash-strapped students and their families change their lives.

Santa Fe College (SF) recognizes the financial implications of books, tuition and other associated expenses in a world where fortunes can be unpredictable. These impacts can persuade someone to place their dreams on hold.

“So many, too many, students and their families think they can’t afford to go to college, even before they really do the math,” Quinten Eyman, Director of Recruitment and SF Achieve, a transformative program for high school students said. “But cost is a real barrier. Assuming that you can’t afford a college education is a perceived barrier, but both can stand between a student and the future they want.”

High school students can sign up for SF Achieve now. Signing up is not an obligation to attend SF. However, students who enroll will be eligible to earn the SF Achieve scholarship, which fills gaps between financial aid and tuition for families at lower income levels.

The scholarship provides all SF Achieve Scholars with a book stipend valued at $400 per semester, based on a student enrolling full-time (12 credits or the clock hour equivalent).

SF Achieve’s assistance does not stop with a scholarship and stipend. In addition to mentorship, SF Achieve Specialists help prospective Scholars fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) so that they get the most aid possible, including grants and other scholarships.

SF Achieve wants high school students to worry less about money so they can focus on their futures. Learn more at