CTLE Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Rimjhim Banerjee-Batist – Connecting Cultures with COIL 

CTLE Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Rimjhim Banerjee-Batist – Connecting Cultures with COIL 

Santa Fe College Associate Professor Dr. Rimjhim Banerjee-Batist smiles while standing next to a window that reflects her image.

February 8, 2024 – Dr. Rimjhim Banerjee-Batist serves as an Associate Professor in Business at Santa Fe College. She also serves as the Lead Faculty of the Management discipline. She is also the faculty coordinator for internship students in the department. She has over three decades of teaching experience. 

Dr. Banerjee-Batist is passionate about internationalizing her curriculum. She has infused international content in several of her classes, some with the help of grants from the Center of European Studies at the University of Florida. She leads Study Abroad trips to Spain with a business-focused curriculum, where students visit Spanish organizations and multinationals operating in Spain. She has led a COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning) program with a management university in India for two years in a row. Students learn about how managers in different social and cultural contexts (India and the United States) lead organizations for excellence in both performance and employee satisfaction.

To find out more about COIL and how you can use the principles in your class, go to Dr. Banerjee-Batist’s CTLE Canvas Page.

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